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Welcome to Style Group!

“A group of brands, positive, out of the box ideas and enthusiastic professionals who make it happen. Style Group is an expanding umbrella brand with the courage to experience and innovate. We have built successful sustainable brands for our clients and for ourselves as well. We’re always ready for new -green- challenges: come and get to know us!”

                                                                               – Kriszta Buza, founder

Style Communications

Style Communications is an integrated full-service agency mainly focusing on branding services. More than 3oo national and international clients, over 800 finished projects and successfully built flourishing brands from startups to FMCG. 

Our mission is to build responsible business with our clients and work with style – from strategy development through creative concepts to execution. We offer value-driven and sustainable business strategy which delivers benefits to people and planet.

style group
style group

Mission Lab

Mission Lab believes in initiatives that help to make the world a better place. Instead of influencers or celebs we take on authentic opinion leaders who have the intention to support a good cause. Whether you’re one of them or a project leader looking for the perfect person to further your achievements, we can help you! Among others we are currently working with well-known personalities such as Nóra Ördög and Anna Pásztor.

Kitchy Design & Cake

Kitchy Design provides top-quality green gastronomic experience combined with environmental consciousness. Our design award winning compostable and biodegradable catering products are mostly popular among hotels, cafes and restaurants. We provide environmentally friendly initiatives and support event/festival organizers and leaders to reduce waste and promote sustainability. You can find meaningful articles on our Green Gastro Guide blog with special  experts from all over the World and KitchyCake creates special gourmet experience with János Mizsei chef. 


Great passion for green design and innovative architectural solutions, specialized in luxury and new-wave architecture in Europe and Africa: that’s Greendesign. Our project owners are enthusiastic about eco-consciousness and green modular buildings, cabins, tiny houses, design interiors, hi-level materials, fast building process. Find your new home solutions!

We’re always ready to step out of our comfort zone. Have an idea to share or need help?